India’s trditional knowledge

Nowadays traditional knowledge is all the time under  pressure to disappear,  to get lost, but simultaneously  it is connecting and interacting with modern science and and insight

Here Yoga is a good example. It roots deep in the rich and ancient Indian mystic tradition and is an ongoing process, which is growing and unfolding in a worldwide network

It brings out new forms and techniques plus it gets inspiration from many sides and  the yoga community around the world

Traditional arts and ways of practice interact with scientific reserch and modern holistic movement

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dogs and aghoris

2babouk.jpgI am again and again amused in a positive sense, plus I get inspiration from the ‘Aghora Trilogie’ written by Dr. Robert Svoboda

Somewhere in one of the books Aghori Vimalananda atates ‘that all dogs can be seen as Shiva incarnate - are Shiva’ - and if you know a little about indian dogs… Yesterday I was sitting in a small coffee house in my hometown Bremen. It was one of these beautiful northern-german rainy spring days. The place has huge windows and all the intensity of the day was coming inside.

Suddenly the owner, came to me with a bright smile on her face and started talking about the dogs passing by on the street all day long. These dogs used to pee always right in front of her coffee house but one day she got an idea… , she simply put a big watercup outside and now they are coming to drink, but do their ‘business’ somewhere else.

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blog.c-yoga speaks english!

From now on blog.c-yoga does not only post in german anymore!
Here is the english version under
The german blog remains on
This hopefully solves the bilinguality situation

Of course it will take some time, to set up !!! It’s still very fresh but I will translate most of the old posts into english as well

I started already, see below!

Suryanamaskar … Sun salutations No 1

Sun salutations beeing one of the oldest rituals in yogic practice which is mentioned already in vedic literature.

Nowadays there are many variations of this ancient ritual , which is traditionally practiced in the early mornings around sunrise

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romances … romantic

We all need romance in our lives… But what does this have to do with yoga?

Very simple…
On a seminar I met the following situation:

…now a very secret technique …. I  got it from a very nice tibetan man!
I met him somewhere on the road… it´s very ancient… a verrie special pranayama technique! … while inhaling, you gently shake your right ear and if you go on practicing this secretly for a long time… I promise, your success will be incredibly … amazing!!!

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